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Sailing and fishing are very old activities on the Great Lakes. Indians-natives of this region, long before the arrival of Europeans, sailed the lakes and engaged in fishing. Since the beginning of the 19th century to the present day, the Great Lakes represent the largest inland waterway. By number of vessels and traffic of goods and passengers, they are far ahead of many sees . In 1787, the Great Lakes were proclaimed the international waters on which it was valid international naval law.

With the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes are connected by channels over the St. Lawrence and Mississippi River. St. Lawrence’s canal was put to use in April 1959. It is 295 km long and its smallest depth is 8 meters. It has 14 constitutions to overcome height difference of 180 meters. The idea of ​​digging the canal dates from 1897, but it is it was only in 1954 that a final decision was made on the construction of joint assets of the United States and Canada. 

In order for the goods to be in the way it was, the reconstruction of the channel had to be undertaken. 61% of US wheat, 61% of various machines, 75% of steel and 84% of cars pass through the St. Lawrence system. A channel overlooking Ohio and Mississippi, the Great Lakes connected to the Gulf of Mexico, starts from Lake Michigan, near Chicago, and goes to Lokport. He is known for transporting industrial goods to the south and agricultural products in the north. Large lakes connect economically very different regions. Therefore, they represent a very frequent waterway. It serves mainly two developed countries, the United States and Canada.


Almost all settlements in this region of the Great Lakes have turned into cities, and good communication has been established with them as well as with other cities throughout North America and the world. The largest urban environments were formed on the tributaries of the river due to the supply of fresh water by the settlement.

The biggest cities in this region are: Buffalo and Rochester-New York, Chicago-Illinois, Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus-Ohio, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo-Michigan, Milwaukee-Wisconsin, Hamilton, London, Sarnia, Thunder Bay, Toronto and Windsor-Ontario. In addition to these large cities there are other smaller ones that have great significance for the whole region.

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