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The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world with salt water. It lies 28 meters below sea level, on the border of Europe and Asia. The length of the lake is 1,200 kilometers, the width is about 300 kilometers, and the greatest depth is 995 meters.
Huron is a lake in North America, one of the five Great Lakes, on the border of the USA and Canada, i.e. the US state of Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. Lake Huron is the second largest of the five Great Lakes with an area of ​​59,596 square kilometers and the third largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Huron contains 3,540 cubic kilometers of water, the length of the shore is 6,157 km, the lake is located at an altitude of 176 m, the average depth is 59 m, and the largest is 229 m. The lake is 332 km long and has a maximum width of 245 km. On the lake is the island of Manitoulin, the largest island in the world in which it is surrounded by fresh water.
The largest underground lake in the world is Drahenhauhloh (Dragon’s Breath) which is located in a Namibian cave.

Cave Lake, Mexico. This interesting lake is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Because of its beauty, the natives consider it a gift from the gods who worshiped the Maya. Apart from the fact that it is physically difficult to approach the lake and enjoy its beauty, the locals often forbid tourists to visit the lake so as not to tarnish the gift from the gods.

The 17th Lake Ladoga is the largest freshwater lake in Europe, and the 15th largest in the world. It is located between the Russian Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad region.

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