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Nelson lakes; New Zealand

The brightest lake in the world is Blue Lake and it is located in Nelson Lakes National Park in New Zealand. The visibility of the lake is as high as 80 meters – which means that it is considered optically clean almost like distilled water.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the great African lakes. It has an area of ​​68,700 square kilometers and is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Due to its relative shallowness, it is considered the seventh freshwater lake in terms of water volume. It is the source of the White Nile. There are 300 islands on it. It is divided between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Karachay; Russia

The most polluted lake in the world is Karachay, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan.

Malawi; Africa

Lake Malawi is the southernmost of Africa’s Great Lakes. It is the third largest lake in Africa and the ninth in the world. The countries that come out on it are Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. There are two inhabited islands in the lake, which belong to Malawi, but are surrounded by the territorial waters of Mozambique.

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