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Great is the proper name for these lakes. They are the largest mass of freshwater on our planet. In fact, one fifth of the world’s surface freshwater supplies are right here. The largest is Superior Lake covering just over 83,000 km2, which is roughly the size of the state of Maine. The other lakes Huron, Erie, Michigan and Ontario are no less impressive. Each lake is large enough to qualify as an independent sea. And along their shores, they stretch over an incredible 15,000 kilometers between the US and Canada. Most lighthouses, which once led ships through earthquake shocks without electricity, are now fully automated. Lighthouses remain impressive, reliable guards of the shores of large lakes. These lakes are one of the busiest routes of navigation on the continent.

Chicago is just one of the glittering cities that stretches on their shores. Interesting forms of life on water have developed on countless islands of the Great Lakes. Most of these islands are uninhabited. People have long inhabited others, such as island Macinac, in the straits between Lake Huron and Michigan. The Commission of the National Park of Macinac Island preserved the charm of this island. Here cars are forbidden, which gives Macinac a unique feature. The road surrounding this island is the only state highway in a country where traffic for motor vehicles is banned. On the painted rocks of the National Lake coast in northern Michigan, cliffs lined up by waves, rain and ice rise upwards over 60 meters in stacks of luminous colors. And with embossed monoliths called Minors Castle the coast is shaped into something that looks like a castle fort, a filigree-shaped building high as a building of nine floors. South of Lake Michigan is one of the largest American sand deposits, the National Lake Shore of the Dune Sleeping Bear is so named. And it looks like a fantasy on a land that is probably best known for its lakes and forests.

Lighthouse searchlight beam through marine air at night

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