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A dozen tourist centers, well visited during the summer, grew in the Great Lakes region. There are several national parks. It’s on the Upper Lake, Royal Island National Park, World Biosphere Reserve. From the Michigan Lake departing tourist ships that cruise the legendary Mississippi River. On Lake Hjuron, bay

The Georgeian of 77 smaller and larger islands was declared in 1929 as a national park. Lakes Iri and Ontario connect the river Niagara with a famous waterfall. Here is the southernmost part of Canadian Pele, which was declared a national park, whose symbol is the butterfly monarch. Part of the St. Lawrence Lake, the islands of Lake Ontario, was declared a national park in 1914, comprising 17 ada and 80 cliffs. These are “Islands of Adventure”, very suitable for nautics.

Great lakes lie in the eastern border area between Canada and the United States. The group consists of five spacious lakes, which shift from north-west to southeast in the following order: Upper or Superior, Michigan, Huron, Iri, Ontario.

 National parks The Great Lakes are invaluable and watery a resource for the American people. They contain one fifth of freshwater water surfaces in the world, so their protection is of the greatest importance. Large lakes are also habitats of different species of fish and wild animals, and they have long played a key role in the lives of people living in communities along the Great lakes.

Great lakes provide a great opportunity for recreation and enjoyment of people in their aesthetic values. By creating a National Park Service in 1916, the federal government began seriously to provide long-term protection of some of the most important natural and cultural parts of the whole nation. Since then, several national parks have been declared in the Great Lakes region. 

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