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Lake of Despair

Whoever dives here will surely not return!

Scientists have discovered a lake they also call the “hot tub of despair.”
In the Gulf of Mexico, under a deep sea surface, a lake has been hidding. Anyone who tries to enter it will suffer immensely, prophetically says Professor Erik Cordes of Temple University. He researched the so-called pool, which he also calls the hot tub of despair in the scientific journal Oceanography.

“This lake is one of the most amazing things we can find in the deep sea. You take a trip to the bottom of the ocean and there you would look at a lake or a flowing river, the whole scene looks like it’s from another world,” Cordes said.

The water in the lake inside the sea is about five times saltier than the water that surrounds it. In addition, it contains a high concentration of methane and hydrogen sulfide, and therefore does not mix with the surrounding water. This underwater brine pool in the Gulf of Mexico is no vacation spot – it’s a toxic pocket of seawater that will certainly kill anything that swims into it.For fish and humans who dive into this pool, the toxic concentration of the its elements is very likely lethal. Only bacterial life forms, worms, and shrimps can survive in such conditions.For a lot of researchers, this lake is like a children’s playground for their research, where they can explore how certain organisms can survive in such extreme conditions.

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