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A large part of the steel industry in Canada and the United States is concentrated in the Great Lakes region because this is a very rich terrain with an ore of iron, coal and limestone, and exploitation can be done on land and in lakes from various mines.

In the United States, the steel production  is in mines near the Superior Lake, and the ironworks are located along the Michigan Lake coast, next to Detroit, Cleveland and Lorraine near Lake Iri. In Canada, ores are exploited from Upper Lake, and are processed in Sault Ste, Mari and Hamilton Ironworks. The largest concentration of paper production factories in The United States is located along the Fox River, which flows into the Green Bay Bay at Lake Michigan. In the Canadian factory, they are concentrated along the Veland Canal, along the coast of Upper Lake. The chemical industry was developed on both sides of the Niagara River due to the availability of electricity.

The second large concentration of the chemical industry is near the Saginav bay, Huron Lake in the state of Ontario, on the St. Kler River. In this region, many factories are located for the production of agricultural machinery, appliances and tools. Minnesota is known for the production of ores, especially iron. It gives 60% of the total production of iron ore in the United States.

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