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The Indians were the original inhabitants of North America and the Great Lakes region. They were inhabited here tens of thousands of years before the arrival of immigrants from Europe and the Far East.

Europeans first discovered the Great Lakes and the lakes were partially explored by the French in the 17th century. The number of inhabitants in the Great Lakes basin varies due to the different methodologies used in sorting the population in

metropolises and urban areas within hydrological areas the boundary-basin of the Great Lakes Basin.

Great Lakes played a significant role in the economic development of the eastern part of the United States and Canada. Today, a large number of residents and huge financial capital are concentrated here. The economy itself is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary-quaternary sector.

Due to fertile soil, milk and meat production has become dominant in agriculture. As time passed, the population began to grow, and then specialized in growing crops such as fruits, vegetables, tobacco, corn, wheat and soybeans. Channels enabled the export of merchandise.

Commercial and sport fishing are important agricultural activities in the Great Lakes region. Sport fishing is a great tourist attraction that also contributes to the region’s economy.

As for the forestry in the Great Lakes region, it began to develop when people in this region settled down. The period of creation of the first settlement in this region was characterized by massive cutting and deforestation in order to obtain land for agriculture. A large part of the steel industry in Canada and the United States is concentrated in the Great Lakes region, because this is a very rich terrain by the ore of iron, coal and limestone, and exploitation can be done on land and in lakes from various mines.

Sailing and fishing are very old activities on the Great Lakes. Indians-natives of this region, long before the arrival of Europeans, sailed the lakes and engaged in fishing.

In order for the traffic of goods to be in the way it was, the reconstruction of the channel had to be undertaken. Planes, roads, ports have encouraged the construction of transport infrastructure throughout the region.

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