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On a large space of our planet, starting from the equator to the poles and from the east to the west, in the recesses of different sizes many lakes meet. They often give a dominant picture to the landscape, whether they appear individually or in groups. Not counting the numerous lakes of Finland, the largest and unique group is Great American Lakes, also known as the Laurentian Lakes.

Great lakes lie in the eastern border area between Canada and the United States.

Great American lakes, represent an international waterway. The coastal area is densely populated, protected in several places by law in the form of national parks and reserves. The Upper Lake, Michigan, Huron, Iri and Ontario, with the Niagara River and the waterfall, belong to the most visited hydrographic objects on Earth.

This group consists of five spacious lakes, which are starting from the north-west to the southeast in the following order: Upper Lake or Superior, Michigan, Huron,

Iri and Ontario. They belong to the Atlantic Ocean basin, and besides the canalized St. Lawrence River, there are several more navigable canals. Great lakes represent

the largest freshwater surface and mass on Earth. For the formation of their basins, beside the tectonic movements, the significance of erosion and the accumulation of Pleistocene glaciers, which are part of this North America during the intense glaciation phases is great.

Lakes also modify annual temperatures for some degree by absorbing heat and cooling the air in the summer, then slowly extract this heat in the autumn.

Great lakes lie in the continental climate. Basin of the Great Lakes as far as the flora is concerned is located in Hollywood floral area, specifically in the North American Atlan Floral Area. Great lakes are an invaluable water resource for the American people. They contain one fifth of freshwater aquatic areas in the world, so their protection is of the greatest importance. Large lakes are also habitats of various species of fish and wildlife, and they have long played a key role in the lives of people living in communities along the coast Large lakes. The deciduous  and coniferous forests prevail.

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