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The basin of the Great Lakes as far as the floral world is concerned is located in the Hollywood floral area, specifically in the North American Atlan Floral Area. The most important types of this area are: beech, oak, maple, birch, poplar, willow, pine, spruce, meal, larch and taksome.

The most widespread species are such and the entire area can be found 3812 different species. Within them, as many as 1074 species are algae that are divided into 11 classes. The most prevalent are yellow-green and green algae.

The Animal World of the Great Lakes is diverse. They belong The Holarctic region, as well as the overhead hemisphere, is also the animal world is quite similar to the animal world of Europe and Asia. As far as the fish are concerned, more than 350 species can be found.

The most common are trout, sloth, ketchup, pike, salmon and

haringa. These fish are very vulnerable due to too much commercial fishing. There are also 33 species of amphibians here. And the most common are frogs and turtles. Typical species of amphibians are the brown snake and the “wood” of the turtle.

Birds represent the most diverse animal world of the Great Lakes. As many as 399 species of birds can be found on 100 km². Here you can find various types of swans, ducks, parrots, quails, pheasants, turtles and seagulls. Also, there are many mammals, many of which are endemic species. There are 83 different types of mammals, of which the most widespread kuna, beavers, rodents, foxes, lashes, otters, wolves and coyotes.

The endemic species of mammals in this region include the Virginia toxin, the American beaver, the Belore deer and Los.

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