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Lake Memphremagog; Quebec

Lake Memphremagog, created by ancient glaciers, is a stunning lake located between Quebec and the U.S. state of Vermont, and 73 percent is located in Quebec. The lake is named after Algonquin’s word for “where there is great water”.
The surroundings of Lake Memphremagog are especially beautiful, which with its rolling hills to the east and rugged mountains to the west. It is also home to 21 different islands, 15 of which are in Canada.
It is not uncommon to see yachts of all sizes floating in the water, especially since summer cruises began in 2011. You can also find Sargent’s Bay Yacht Club on the shore.

Berg Lake; Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

When you think about seeing a lake located in front of a mountain, it’s Berg Lake. The highest peak in Canada – Mount Robson – is located just behind a stunning turquoise blue lake that is partially fed by a glacier.
If that’s not enough, the lake is surrounded by glaciers, even in summer! In addition, the trip is also spectacular as it passes through the amazing Valley of a Thousand Waterfalls.
The only way to get to Berg Lake is to hike along the Berg Lake trail that runs from the parking lot and along the Robson River. The trail is 19 kilometers, and there are camps on the way.

Kootenay Lake; British Columbia

Part of the Kootenay River, Lake Kootenay is located between the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges, making it very peaceful. In addition, most of its 145 kilometers of coastline are completely undeveloped, which only adds to its beauty.
It is one of the largest lakes in British Columbia and was formed by the erosion of rivers and nearby glaciers. Today it is full of seven species of fish, including brown trout, white sturgeon, cocaine salmon and mountain cod.
Throughout the year, Kootenay Lake Ferry crosses the lake between Kootenay Bay and Balfour which can carry a maximum of 80 vehicles and 250 passengers. The ferry is completely free and the longest free ferry in the world.

Lake Ontario; Ontario

Lake Ontario provides drinking water to more than nine million people in Ontario and in the U.S. state of New York. But it is also a picturesque lake dotted with cliffs, beaches and city centers.
It’s not only a lake that boasts beautiful scenery (especially when you look at the horizon of Toronto), but it also offers activities such as rowing, windsurfing and canoeing. The lake is also one of the largest in the world!
Lake Ontario is a freshwater lake with a lot of biodiversity. This includes not only the animals that live in and around the water, but also the plants and trees around it.

Lake Kluane; Yukon

Lake Cluane is located at an altitude of 781 meters in the mountains near the Cluane National Park. It is a lake on a glacial field, giving it an amazing turquoise color that reflects the surrounding mountains.
The lake is very famous for fishing, especially lakes and white fish. In addition, herds of Aishihik and Kluane caribou migrate near the lake.
The Alaska Highway runs through much of the southern shore of Lake Cluane, providing spectacular views of the lake and its surroundings.

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