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Great American Lake represent international waterway. Great lakes represent the largest inland waterway, and the number of vessels and the traffic of goods and passengers are far ahead of many seas. In 1787, large lakes were proclaimed international waters where international naval law applies. Advantages of the availability of waterways, highly developed traffic and communal infrastructure, finances and prosperous market bases make the region a global leader in automotive production and a global business location. The coast is richly populated, protected in several places by law in the form of national parks and reserves. For the development of tourism, primarily important are Niagara Falls, and also the cities that are located along the shores of the Great Lakes. Of particular importance is the increasing number of flats for nautical tourism. Yachts, different types and sizes, boats and sailboats, as well as built-in boats for tourist sightseeing of the lake, capture these aquatic areas, especially southern, warmer and for nautics more convenient lakes. Upper Lake, Michigan, Huron, Iri and Ontario, with the Niagara River and the waterfall, belong to the most visited hydrographic objects on Earth and the ecological process and problems here are numerous and diverse of the Great Lakes.

Almost all settlements in this region of the Great Lakes have grown into cities, and good communication has been established with them as well as with other cities across North America and the world. The largest urban environments were formed on the tributaries of the river due to the supply of water. Most of the land is suitable for fruits, vegetables and tobacco. 

A large part of the steel industry in Canada and the United States is concentrated in the Great Lakes region, because this is a very rich terrain with an ore of iron, coal and limestone, and exploitation can be done on land, and in lakes from various mines. 

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