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However, despite the strong development of the metal industry, in the industry of Chicago the leading place was the slaughter industry (the largest factory in the world for meat processing – “Armar Brothers and companies”), clothing and furniture industry. Chicago has developed into a strong industrial center in the last century thanks to its very favourable geographical position and characteristics of the time in which it evolved. Gigantic industrial buildings were built around the city core, and especially in the southeastern part along the Michigan Lake coast, where large metallurgy plants were built with a center in Gary, and a large oil refinery in Whiting. Accommodation of black metallurgy is considered as an example of a good location, because the cheap lake way supplies iron ore from Minesota, the coal rail from the hinterland, and the abundance of water is in the immediate vicinity. All of this made it possible to form the largest area of ​​black metallurgy in the United States. Oil refineries are connected with oil and gas pipelines in the southern part of the United States. In addition to metallurgy and petrochemistry, Chicago is a highly developed metal industry (factory of locomotives and wagons of world importance “Pullman “, a plant of agricultural machinery, metal constructions, trucks, cars, etc.), electrical industry (radio receivers, televisions and electric power plants), food industry (Chicago slaughterhouses are the largest in the world, and in the west and southwestern areas there is a large-scale industry with large silo, dairies, etc.), the shipbuilding industry (all types of lake ships and boats), then furniture industry, clothing, textile and graphic industries.

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