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Lake Abraham; Alberta

Located in Alberta on the North Saskatchewan River, Lake Abraham is an artificial lake that was created in 1972 from the Bighorn Dam. It is located at the foot of the Rockies at an altitude of 1,340 meters.
Lake Abraham is not a large lake, but it is impressive, with an amazing blue color. It is the result of the flour of the rocks created by the mountains.
One of the main reasons for visiting the lake is to witness the formation of frozen bubbles under the ice surface in the winter months. This strange natural phenomenon is caused by the rotting of plants in the lake, which release methane that cannot be released, creating bubbles.

Top Lake; Ontario

The largest of North America’s Great Lakes, Lake Superior is also one to visit, as it is the largest freshwater lake in the world. In fact, it is so large that there are countries that are smaller than it.
Lake Superior is shared with the neighboring U.S., although it is one of the main attractions on the Canadian side; Lake Lake Provincial Park. The park is located along the northeast shore of the lake, where there is the famous Agawa pictogram, 11 hiking trails and three camps.
It is not possible to walk along the 2783 km long shore, but a ride along its picturesque route around the Great Lake is very popular and highly recommended. It is the best way to enjoy the cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and wildlife around the lake.

Great Glory Lake; Northwest Territories

The deepest lake in North America should be on everyone’s list, especially if you’re planning a vacation in the Northwest Territories. Great Glory Lake has a long and important history dating back more than 8000 years and is still an important part of the local life today.
The capital of Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, is located on the shores of the lake, as well as numerous indigenous communities. It is a lake filled with culture and untouched wilderness that boasts incomparable reflections of the aurora borealis.
Eight months of this year, the Great Lake of Glory has been cut off from civilization, although visitors can enjoy a tour of the snowmobiles, visit in the summer and go kayaking or fishing.

Lake Maligne; Jasper National Park, Alberta

This stunning lake has amazing blue-blue water, for which it is best known. Well that and its amazing surrounding peaks, three glaciers and the charming Spirit Island.
The great thing about Lake Maligne is that it is accessible by road, and many buses depart from here from the nearby town of Jasper. It is also possible to walk along the 44 km Skyline trail from the town to the lake.
Maligne Lake is home to two Alberta-registered historic buildings, as well as three campsites that are only accessible by canoe. From spring to autumn, ships run towards the cult Spiritual Island.

Peyto Lake; Banff National Park, Alberta

This beautiful lake on icy ice is located in Banff National Park at an altitude of 1,860 meters. Peyto Lake is only 530 acres, but it is really beautiful.
Although the lake is quite high, it is easy to reach by driving along the Ice fields Parkway. The ride is extremely picturesque, although the views of the lake can be seen from the lookout point (Bow Summit).
From the lookout point there is a path that leads to the lake, as well as one that goes further from it, where the view is even better.

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